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~ The 2018 season is upon us! It is time to be thinking about fund raising. Read below to see how easy it can be to raise money for your league at virtually no cost to you. ~


It’s the perfect fundraising event that can be linked to your “Opening Day/Fun Day” ceremonies, and other events anytime throughout the year.

This event can easily generate thousands of dollars for your local baseball/softball league.  

Here is how it works:

  • During league registration, begin advertising and sign up players of all ages for the Louisville Slugger™ PerfectPitchBall.com Hitting Contest. (Older players and adults can sign up, too!)
  • Participants are allowed one entry; to enter, participants get five (5) people or businesses to sponsor them for $5.00 each for a total of $25.00.
  • All checks are made payable to your league. 
  • The excitement of the competition will cause people to stay at the park throughout the day, thereby generating sales for concessions and souvenirs.

Note: Following our fundraising program, local leagues will generate a minimum of $2,500.00 in revenue for every 100 participants who signup for the contest.  


Lay out the fields by lining the home-run depth for each age group.  Use good judgment in establishing the machine distance from home plate, the speed, and the distance required to hit a home run for the following age groups:


7-8 Year-olds
9-10 Year-olds
11-12 Year-olds
13-14 Year-olds


7-8 Year-olds
9-10 Year-olds
11-12 Year-olds
13-14 Year-olds


Managers, coaches, players 15 and older, and parents can participate.


  • Public address system (can be a portable system)
  • A Louisville Slugger™ Black Flame pitching machine for each field. We can supply as many machines as required to run your contest, and the machines can be paid for after the conclusion of the PerfectPitchBall.com Hitting Contest. (Call 1-256-276-7313 for details.)
  • A sufficient supply of baseballs and softballs
  • Age-group awards (as determined by the league)


  • Assign player participants to age groups (see CONTEST SETUP above).
  • During the contest, use as many fields as desired for the different age groups. You will need a PA announcer, a judge, a Black Flame pitching machine, and an operator for each field.
  • Contest scoring is one (1) point for an infield fair hit, two (2) points for an outfield fair hit (fly ball hit that lands between the infield and the home run line), and three (3) points for a home run (a fly ball that clears, in the air, the home run line).
  • A participant will receive six (6) pitches.  The best five (5) hit balls will be scored. (A foul ball or a swinging strike will count as 0 points.)  Judges will total each batter’s score.
  • After all participants have had their turn and the scoring is complete, if necessary, a tie hit-off competition is held with the contenders starting with a fresh zero (0) count.  This competition continues until a champion is determined.
  • The top three (3) scores in each age group can be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons or trophies, as the league sees fit.
  • For safety reasons, younger children or any novice player should not be allowed on the field to shag balls during the contest.  Also for safety reasons, when pitching to older players (particularly 9-year-olds and above), the machine operator should stand behind a Louisville SluggerTM Protective Screen (or behind the high side of a standard “L Screen”).


Click HERE to get started!  Once you have completed your registration, we will review it for completeness and accuracy.  When we change the request status, you will be notified by email.  If the status is changed to Approved, we will email you a website link along with user Login information that you will need to allow you to print the custom-made forms needed for the contest (League Advertising Flyer, Player Sponsorship Flyer, Participant Signup Sheets, and Official Scoring Sheets).

(Be sure to use the provided Coupon Code when ordering. If you don't have one, click HERE.)

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